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    The project manager for real estate from Chester County, Pennsylvania, is Brandon Sarna.


    Project manager Brandon works for a renowned international provider of commercial real estate services. The company boasts offices in 80 different nations and has a significant presence in much of the northeastern United States. As an assistant project manager, Sarna came on board with the business in 2017. After 18 months, he was promoted to the project manager.


    Property and investment management is a well-known area of expertise for the multinational provider of commercial real estate services. It focuses on using cutting-edge technologies to influence the direction of real estate. It is in a position to provide its employees, clients, and the communities in which they live tremendously fulfilling opportunities.


    Moreover, sustainable real estate options are given significance. Sarna manages the entire construction process for the projects he is tasked with from beginning to end. Its oversight covers pre-construction tasks like budgeting, planning, and choosing subcontractors.


    Together with those, there are construction and post-construction tasks, including quality assurance, purchasing, and compliance. In addition, Sarna is in charge of increasing revenue by ensuring that the projects he oversees are successfully finished.


    Sarna has worked as a project manager for the industrial sector in the past. He previously held a position with a reputable architectural manufacturing company before taking on his current place. He handled various bespoke manufacturing procedures while working for the New York-based corporation. Among these procedures was the creation of custom furniture, store fixtures, and signage.


    After finishing an internship at an asset management company with its corporate headquarters in the New York metropolitan area, he joined the company. He assisted the business during his training in the purchase, management, and exploitation of intellectual media assets. The native New Yorker also has practical knowledge in the talent management and entertainment sector.


    That includes time spent working at various media and music management organizations. Working closely with musicians and producers, he was responsible for booking venues, negotiating contracts, and promoting the music. Together with that, they coordinate with the production teams for organizations like the Travel Channel and Discovery Channel.


    Rutgers University in New Jersey is where Brandon Sarna earned his degree. One of the top public research universities in the country is Rutgers. Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, consistently holds the #1 spot. It provides a selection of graduate degree programs, undergraduate degree programs, and options for continuing education.


    Sarna obtained his communication studies bachelor's degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey. His studies were primarily focused on marketing and public speaking. While a student at Rutgers, he minored in labor studies as well. He earned a 3.89 GPA, which is impressive.

    He participated in a variety of student organizations at Rutgers University, including multiple academic, recreational, and community-oriented projects. Also, he engaged in three seasons of varsity baseball. Sarna was also connected to the international Marlboro-Nanto Youth Exchange Program and Rutgers University for Soldiers.


    The Marlboro Township and Nanto City, Japan, established the Marlboro-Nanto Youth Exchange Program in 1991. The program encourages exchange students all over the world to appreciate cultural diversity and to develop a global perspective. The nonprofit project primarily relies on local donations.


    Throughout a decade spent working as a project manager in construction, manufacturing, and elsewhere, New York-born and presently Pennsylvania-based Sarna has accumulated an outstanding portfolio of professional talents and competencies. Just a few of these professional aptitudes and skills include:

    Good interpersonal skills and the ability to operate in a team environment

    Budgeting and money management

    Understanding of safety laws and regulations Understanding of building codes and regulations

    negotiating techniques

    Critical thinking and problem-solving

    Organizing and managing time

    knowledge of building materials and products

    The Rutgers University alumnus has a strong foundation in all aspects of communication. Effective interaction with clients, stakeholders, and other project team members falls under this category. Additionally, he has outstanding leadership, financial, and quality assurance skills, including the ability to examine and test project deliverables to make sure they match the necessary requirements.


    Sarna is pleased to contribute to a number of important charities, nonprofits, and other deserving causes. Many neighborhood-focused and volunteer-led efforts are included among these organizations, charities, and other worthy causes.


    He is a firm believer in the advantages of volunteering. The same can be said about his home state of Pennsylvania as well as his native New York, nearby New Jersey, and current residence. The project manager for the construction company is now looking into new volunteer activities near his Chester County home in the so-called Keystone State.


    Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Brandon Sarna.


    In addition to his work, humanitarian work, and other obligations, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He wants a wide range of activities, such as cooking, dining out, discovering new breweries, exercising, playing golf, and relaxing in nature.

    He has a special love for the game of golf. The project manager for a construction company believes that golf taught him the value of working to acquire specific abilities in all facets of life.